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    Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post

    I'm trying to insert a tile going by a tutorial I found ( ) about inserting tilesets. The main problem I am having is setting the transparent colour. At the start it says: "Set your transparent color before anything. From experience, a palette chooses your transparent color based on the first color to actually be set in the image." I have tried this time and time again on paint and on photoshop and it simply does not work. The transparent colour always ends up being black on the color pallet viewer.

    Now I searched the thread and one person pointed out that you can open the color pallet in photoshop and switch the colours around to set your transparent colour. But when I try it it's impossible to switch the colours around and changing them changes the colours in the actual image itself.

    Not that any of that matters because when I save the pallet as a .pal file (advance map rejects .act files for some reason) and then view the pallet in there the transparent colour seems to be a completely random colour on the pallet. Not black and not the colour that I've chosen for the transparent colour.

    I've been trying to find a solution for this for the past two hours and I'm at my wit's end, can anybody help?
    Use Irfanview and switch the two palettes there. Then save it as a new image, and copy and paste the old original again to the new one for the colours to be normal again.
    I'm sorry but I'm confused, what two pallets do I switch? Because I'm only working with one single pallet and I'm just trying to get the correct colour transparent.

    Also, new problem. I continued with the tutorial mentioned before figuring I'd fix the pallet later and I got to the stage where you save your .DIB file tile set after inserting the tiles. I have followed the tutorial word-for-word, even scrapping it and starting again from scratch just to be sure I was following it all correctly. When I go to load my newly saved tileset on advancemap, I get the error "DIB is invalid". I can't understand what is wrong because I've done everything exactly as the tutorial says to do.
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