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    Originally Posted by Emcitement View Post
    Nope! I couldn't find anything different about the space at all so I have no clue.
    I wonder if it's hardcoded into the (for lack of a better phrase) Secret Base engine, then...

    P.S. the 16-sprite limit may be both functional and graphical. I don't know if this is true for RSE (it probably is), but in FR/LG there are a max of 16 background palettes (all used for the map and for dialog box borders) and 16 sprite palettes at any given time. Of those sprite palettes, one is used for the hero and another for their reflection in water; four are used for normal OWs, and four more for their reflections; two or three seem reserved for map effects (grass, beach footprints, etc.); and two are always unused.
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