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    Chapter 3 - Natruo The Game Designer - God District

    "Ow... Damn demon..."

    I rolled my stiff shoulders in pain; hearing them click and crack as the bones adjusted themselves back into place. Note to self; don't hit Bern when she's on schedule... Right. Damnit... I wiped my bloodied nose in disgust. I really wasn't expecting her to release Lucifier on me. I thought maybe I'd get a fireball or two, and that was it... That damned demon was so freaking huge! What was embarrassing, was that my punches had hardly no effect on him. Like he was immune to pain or something. And he pulverized me. I click my tongue as I recalled what had knocked me out. It infuriated me that I was belittled like that. The game designer! That Bernkastel was going to get Hell when she ventured into the arena next! Ugh.....

    I had just finished regenerating myself, when the crashing sounds started. Great. Now what?! I sat off by the vampire district's elevator; chilling and listening to the screams of anger and the crashing off doors being broken off their hinges. It humored me that we had some hot-heads this year. Now thinking about it, it was probably Ryuu rampaging the place down.... It wasn't even midnight! Sighing heavily, I listened as the crashing came closer, until finally the demon crashed into the training center. When he looked around, his body stature relaxed, and he began pacing the room; not even noticing me. I snorted, and watched this. Okay. I had a bunch of crazy people this year.... I suppose I better teach him he wasn't king, huh? Still sitting, I called out to him.

    "Oi, you're early. By like, an hour. Aren't you an excited one...."
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