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And again... every page has question about english beta...
My god this is too much :D

Originally Posted by Grimer View Post
It's the third option! hehehe
The one she doesn't appear at the cave... In fact, everytime I play, something different happens... Last time, when I returned to the cave I went through the rival (don't remember his name) and had to battle him again...
The time before that, team galactic appeared... The other time the cave as desert...
Man, it's impossible that this happens only with me...

And also, thanks for trying to help! I really like light platinum, specially because I'm from the same country as WesleyFG o/
Originally Posted by Smallbirdie View Post
Weird... I've played through the Zhery League in the Portuguese version and didn't have that happen to me. I'm playing again in Snakebyte's beta, and I'll keep a particular eye out for that issue.
If I remember right though, there are like three different events in that cave, plus one that happens after you beat the Zhery League. You do fight Kenta, and Team Steam. Have you headed north out of the City and talked to Solana yet? She may trigger the gym leader's appearance in the cave.
Flag bugs... it happens sometimes. I'm sure Snakey will fix it

Originally Posted by Snakebyte View Post
Everyone asking about other emulators: The one guy is correct, the issue is with the header. I have currently reverted the header to default ruby. I may change that before releasing the full version. If so, just do what you do with the portuguese version and it'll work.
Once you release it revert it back so not everyone can edit it like they want =)
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