Thread: [Gen V] Rain, rain go away. OU RMT.
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If you don't go for Scizor over Jirachi you're really torn apart by things like Scarf Terrakion and other fast Rock/Ground coverage mons. RP Landorus is also notably a huge weak (though it probably needs a weakened 'Toed first) but otherwise it has no trouble cleaning out your team. I also feel like Haxorus was just kinda randomly thrown on and you might be able to do something more um synergistic there. You might want to focus moreso on something that can abuse Chansey's disappearance or force it to die because a NP Thundurus sweep seems like the end goal here. BU Tornadus helps a lot in that respect but I think you might want to look into a CB Scizor + Rotom-W sort of core. They bounce off of each other's checks really well and you have a solid answer to NP Celebi (ie, Rain + Tornadus) so it won't tear through Scizor + Rotom-W. Those two have been proven time and time again to be notoriously effective. Alsooo you should consider Starmie > something like D_A said because spinning is important when two core mons are SR weak and have no recovery. It won't help insanely much but I think having more bulk in Rotom-W + Scizor will be useful, and Starmie can force out non-Scarf Terrakion.

Aaaand now I feel like I'm rambling lol so I'mma stop. GL with your team. ;;