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    Originally Posted by Sharp
    This is without doubt one of the most kickass fanfictions ever writen. Kickass plot and characters. Keep up the good work.
    Finally! Someone reviewed after... *tries to do the math* a lot of chapters! Thank u! Thank u so much!

    Chapter 3

    As Black Jack and Ash walked down the corridor, Manes voice came on again. Congratulations, Black Jack, he said. For your victory over Brickster, though he can be a bit slow sometimes.

    Black Jack gave a small sjirachi at that remark.

    Now since Black Jack has participated in his battle, how about you take the next challenge, Mr. Ketchum?
    Huh! I thought fairness wasnt in your vocabulary, Ash replied. You captured a mans wife and daughter, challenged him in an unfair battle, set up a stipulation that no one was happy about and now youre trying to weaken us before we can take you on. What are you afraid of, Mane?
    Oh, nothing much, a few bug and ghost pokemon here and there. But let me give you a little tip about your upcoming battle, Mr. Ketchum. This trainer has met you on one but memorial occasion.
    Huh? Anything else?
    Pika? Pikachu wondered.
    Thats all I can give you for now. If I give you anymore, I might ruin the surprise, Mane said as he laughed.
    We will see who surprises whom, Mane!
    Haha! Enjoy your battle, Mr. Ketchum!

    As they finished talking, Black Jack couldnt help but seeing everything around him so familiar. Even Mane looked familiar to him the last time he saw him. Before he could think any further they entered into another room.

    The room looked exactly the same as it did before when Black Jack battled Brickster. In front of Ash and Black Jack, stood a middle-aged man wearing a lab coat. He was almost completely bald but he had ginger hair and moustache. Ash and Black Jack became shocked at the mans appearance.

    Nanba! they both cried.
    Pikachu! Pikachu cried.
    Hello, my young friends, the professor said. It has been a while.

    Huh! Black Jack thought. Somethings fishy here. Everything here looks like a Team Rocket base and Nanba is one of the professors of Team Rocket. Unless

    You may have beaten me last time, young one, Nanba said as he pointed at Ash. But not this time! Ill defeat you and finish you off for good!
    What have you got this time, Nanba? Ash demanded.
    Ill be pleased to answer that to you! Last time, you defeated Electabuzz who was boosted by the power of Lugias pure rage! This time, Ill be using both Lugia and Mewtwos pure rage to boost even more power!

    Pure rage, huh? Black Jack thought. Big mistake there, Nanba.

    Nanba picked a pokeball off his belt. With this kind of power at my disposal, you dont stand a chance! he said confidently as he tossed out his pokeball. Go! Electabuzz!

    Electabuzz popped out his pokeball and let out a large battle cry. He had a small gadget attached to his head.

    You still havent learned youre lesson! Ash yelled. Go! Pikachu!
    Pika! Pikachu cried as he ran into battle.

    Electabuzz! Use your raging Thunderpunch! Nanba ordered as he took out a controller.

    Electabuzzs fist glowed as he aimed it at Pikachu. Luckily, Pikachu barely dodged out of harms way, making Electabuzzs attack hit the floor instead, making a huge crack on the floor.

    Black Jack, who was observing the match, became amazed at Electabuzzs strength. Impressive, he thought.

    Pikachu! Ash yelled. Thunderbolt attack!

    Pikachu leapt into the air as he charged up his attack, and released it while giving out a large cry.

    A waste of energy! Nanba taunted. Electabuzz! Light Screen!

    Electabuzz created a glass like barrier to protect himself as the electric attack bounced off the other way.

    Ash saw that coming as he smiled. I knew that youd use that move! he said. Pikachu! Quick attack!

    What! Nanba cried, as Pikachu tackled the mid-section of Electabuzz, making him staggering backwards but he quickly recovered.

    Nanba growled in an annoyed tone. Electabuzz! Enraged Thuderbolt!

    Electabuzz charged up his electrical powers, and let out a huge shout as he released it, but Pikachu saw it coming and dodge out of the way.

    Electabuzz, we cannot be defeated this way! Nanba snarled as he pressed a button on the controller. Enraged Thunderpunch! Show him no mercy!

    Electabuzz kept on aiming his punches at Pikachu but kept on missing as Pikachu kept on dodging.

    Black Jack gave a small sjirachi and Nanba noticed it.
    Hey! Nanba said as he noticed. Whats so funny?
    Youve made a grave mistake. Even though that gadget powers up youre Electabuzz, you havent trained your pokemon properly, Black Jack replied. The chances of you winning this are zero.
    Well find out, wont we?
    Youve spent so much time on that thingamajig that you have been stuck with your old tactics and moves while Ash and Pikachu has gained experience as he learned other tactics and moves. All the moves that you and your Electabuzz has are Thunderpunch, Light Screen and Thunderbolt.

    Nanba was beginning to sweat as he heard Black Jacks theory. No matter, he yelled. Ill still finish that Pikachu and off and itll be game over for you two!

    As Nanba pressed another one of the buttons on his controller, the gadget on Electabuzzs head turned from blue to red, meaning the powers has increased. Electabuzz roared with anger. Electabuzz! Finish it now! Thunderbolt attack!

    As Electabuzz charged up his powers, Pikachu and Ash waited for Electabuzz to shoot out his attack so that Pikachu can dodge the attack. Just as Electabuzz was about to release his full power, the gadget on his head exploded! So did the controller in Nanbas hands! The devices couldnt control anymore of Electabuzzs power!

    Nanba screamed in shock as that happened. Electabuzzs felt dizzied by the explosion and his head was covered with burnt marks and dirt.

    Youve increased too much power that your little toys couldnt take anymore, Black Jack said. This is what happens when you dont train your Electabuzz properly.
    You also never believed in nothing but winning at all costs! Ash shouted. If you had trust in your pokemon, you dont need those stupid gadgets! Let me show how you can bring out a pokemons true power!

    Nanba had a frightened look on his face, as he knew what was coming. Pikachu! Ash cried. Iron Tail attack!

    Pikachus tail glowed as he swiped his tail at Electabuzzs weakened head, knocking him down. As Electabuzz slowly picked himself up, Ash called for another attack.

    Pikachu! Ash cried. Thunder attack now!

    Pikachu once again charged himself to his fullest. He then let out a large cry and he shot out his strongest attack, shocking Electabuzz and sending him flying, falling unconsciously on Nanba.

    Not again Nanba groaned and fainted with swirly eyes.

    Ash smiled for his victory with Pikachu. Like old times, eh, Pikachu? he asked.
    Pikapi! Pi Pikachu! Pikachu happily cried as he held up a V sign on his paws.

    Not bad, Ketchum, Black Jack commented. Not bad.

    He looked down on at the unconscious Nanba. He walked over to him and shook by the collar of his lab coat, waking him up.

    Nanba! Black Jack snarled. Why did you leave Team Rocket? Was it about the money?
    Its its a little confusing Nanba replied. There was this raid from a police force in one of our bases with Giovanni in it. After he was arrested, William Mane came took over as the new boss and changed the organisations name from Team Rocket to Team Missile.

    I knew I saw Manes face somewhere before, Black Jack thought. He was one of Giovannis assistants.

    Team Missile Ash thought deeply. With Mane as their new boss, they could be more trouble than Team Rocket. Mane may have really rare pokemon by his side, but we cannot be beaten! No matter what!

    After hearing everything Nanba said, Black Jack smiled. Night night, he said as he squeezed Nanbas shoulder to put him to sleep.

    Black Jack picked himself up and walked into the next corridor with Ash to find and battle their next opponent.
    More coming! Reviews please!
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