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    Originally Posted by Luke View Post


    I can't come up with a good signature trait for the Rufflet line. Vullaby's trait doubles her Special Attack so she can be an offensive powerhouse if she'd like. But I can't think of something equally as good for the Rufflet line. I originally had a triple chance of critical hit rate but that doesn't really match up to double special attack.

    Anyone who comes up with the winning idea gets a special cameo in the game, my special emblem and some behind the scenes look at what I've got planned. Contest ends on Saturday. :3
    Cool. How about this: sharp eye(or somthing): a trait that doubles the accuracy of all of it's moves. Anything that is originally 60% or higher accuracy would always hit (50-59% would have a 100% chance) It matches with the eagle's keen eye and vicious accuracy and compairs fairly well to Vullaby's trait.
    also, are we allowed to submit two traits?
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