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Originally Posted by Snorelacks View Post
With a physical Infernape, you're better off with Jolly and Flare Blitz over Overheat. Just saying.
It's not physical though. Overheat lets it deal with Physical walls. I'm not an Infernape user though. It needs either Naive or Hasty so Overheat doesn't reduce in power.

4 out of 6 Pokemon on your team either have a choice item or have a LO. Which can be bad.

Conkeldurr can wreck teams after a few Bulk ups. <: But I'd go Leftovers > Flame Orb. It'll just whittle away at your Hp and become a pain. I'd rather let Guts activate on it's own accord after being inflicted with a status by an opponent.

Gliscor doesn't run 4/252/252 anymore, it runs 252 Hp / 180 Def / 72 Spe @Poison Heal and Toxic Orb IIRC.

The sets I'm not to sure on since Gliscor has quite a few, Swords Dance, Ice Fang, Earthquake, Facade, Protect, Fling, Substitute and Acrobatics are it's best moves.

You could always run Modest on Joltoen over Timid, even without Timid you still outspeed Positive natured base 133 Pokemon and neutral natured base 128. <: But if you want to stick to Timid, do it. Modest just allows Joltoen to damage things more.

That's all for now ~
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