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August 11th, 2011

Today's update is all about these little guys. My first attempts at spriting Fakemon. I'll tell you a little bit about each of them, and of course they will be tweaked in the future once I get a little bit better at spriting Pokemon. Anyways, descriptions below from to left to right.

Nutrel - The Seed Pokemon
Nutrel are very shy, and timid Pokemon and are hardly ever seen in groups. They've been known off to give off a rather disgusting scent when alarmed. Since the tip of their head is so hard they run into trees to knock down the fruit that they eat.

Charbro - The Charcoal Pokemon
Charbro usually make their homes inside the rim of a volcano. When mating, the Charbro who can remain in the lava the longest wins the female. Males who lose the mating ritual are removed from the colony, and sent to live on their own.

Slink - The Water-Snake Pokemon
Slink's are usually found in small ponds, and rivers and feast on algae and small fish. They usually don't make much contact with other Pokemon, but when threatened they'll put up a fight. They also have an egg attached to their throat, from which they hatched, and that's where they store their food.