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    If it's actually a one-shot (as in, the entire story is contained in that single chapter, but it has the feeling of being unfinished), then sure, nothing wrong with posting that.

    If you actually mean that it's written as if it's going to be a first chapter... then, uh, sure, that'd be okay too. I mean, in terms of a general writing forum. Lots of people only post a few chapters; the only difference between what you're doing and what they're doing is that you come right out and say, "Okay, guys, I'm not actually continuing this, but here you go." Besides that, you've got the point of a writing community in the first place. You're posting for feedback, so yeah, rock on.

    Content I'm leaving up to the mods. I mean, it'd depend on what you mean by reader speculation, especially with that spoiler. Strong hints of sex, maybe? Because if it's just using those words/if it's not actually adult lit (i.e., porn), then I know a number of readers would be A-OK with that.
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