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    Hi, may I join?

    Name: Shayla Abigail Rose
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Legendary: Shaymin
    Physical Appearance: Image plus flower necklace.
    Personality: Shayla is very sweet and kind. She is forgiving, and she gets into her thoughts too much sometimes. Shayla loves flowers, plants, trees, you name it. And that's why her fovorite color is green. If you see Shayla, she will be wearing green. Shayla is mostly a calm girl, but she loves to have fun. She likes to make jokes, and she loves to hang out with friends. She has always wanted her own green-house to grow plants in. Sometimes Shayla is a bit shy and sensetive, but she loves meeting new people. She doesn't have a temper often, but only if her friends or family is hurt.
    Reason for Grudge: A person killed Shayla's mother.
    Other: None
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