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I'm pretty sure you're aware of this, but, the sprites are very choppy.

Story - Bad

This story is very bland.
It seems like the Cinnibar Island eruption. The story is also the same old Pokémon stories.
I'd suggest getting a better plot, but, as of now, it's not really attention grabbing. I don't mean to sound rude, but, I'm just trying to help..

Hero/Heroine - Decent

As being mere recolors of the Waitress and Ace Trainer of Unova, they're a good base. The heroine, is perfect, as only her dress has been recolored/editied, to my knowledge anyways. However, the male hero needs his attire and hair reworked. I am curious though, was his OW's hair based off of Chili's? That's certainly who it looks like. The males hand could also use some shading, and I would've just left the PokéBall in his hand; the ball would be much smaller, especially at that angle. y you chose that name. I like it, but, it's merely Cheren with .. something over his face.

I'll give a better review later..