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    First off, let me just say that this is amazing work. This kind of thing is what really interests me when it comes to ROM hacks, unfortunately I don't have the skills to do much contributing.

    Like you said earlier, adding the knew moves shouldn't really be a huge priority, but there is something you could do instead in the mean time. There are plenty of moves that have the exact same effects (tail whip, leer, etc.).

    As such, you could edit the data for those moves to be new moves. This is easy in and of itself. However, you'd need to edit which animations the game calls when the edited attacks are used (so X-scissor doesn't look like Howl). While I don't have the knowledge to even know where to start on that I'm sure you could figure it out.

    Additionally, I had a question about the sprites you're including. Over on another forum, I've been leading a project to create updated sprite sheets for all 649 Pokemon. Personally I don't like the way Gen 5 back sprites look in the Gen 3 games since they were meant to be blown up by Black and White which is what I assume you've used. As such, I'd like to offer the ones that we've made as we have all the Gen 5s (except maybe formes) manually recolored/resized as necessary to fit the Gen 3 perspective, though I still have to edit the palettes for the shinies, as well as almost all of the others.
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