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Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
Really amazing, everywhere I go I just get more amazed at how beautiful it is.
Just a couple of things, I'm wondering if uproar will be a sound attack and what attacks are sound type?
Also a small spelling error I thought I'd report:
Thanks ^^ about uproar, I'll change it the next alpha I saw that these attacks are still normal. About the spelling error, fixed! =3

Originally Posted by alo123 View Post
I am stuck in the forest it says I do not have enough pokemon to proceed and that I have to capture 1 wild pokemon so I did and its still not letting me pass
Well It's really simple capture a POKéMON and keep it in your party! That script contains a count POKéMON script that will allow you to pass when you got 2 POKéMON in your party!

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Now this is awesome!
Finally Dark Cry has alpha!
I can't wait to start playing... Mitchel you did oustanding job in these two years and I congratulate you on this outcome =)
Thanks ash493, have fun playing the first world wide alpha!

Originally Posted by アルセウス View Post
Where can I find first Gym Leader???
Go to the gym entery at Atlernion city and a "bug catcher" will walk to you! He'll explain where she might can be found! Good luck! =D