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I have noticed it since last week. Like today they are usually up by at least Friday.

It's above me why Ash is still making stupid moves like Thunderbolt on Excadrill this far along in the Saga. And before that Iris has Axew use Scratch on Golett. Now that the Tournament is over and I can look at all of it in retrospective I've got to say mediocore at best. For those who have been following this since the beginning this tour was so hyped for awhile and definitely didn't live up to it. I think everyone though were were going to get 3 vs. 3 at least at the final match and nothing happened. The way it was set up 1 vs. 1 seems lame. There seems to be more dialogue and batter then actually battles. I mean really the battle between Ash and Dino was what one clip that lasted 3-4 seconds talk about a battle. The only pokemon really really saw get development out of this was Axew. Sure Emolga won against Sawk, but it didn't seem like it changed anything with it.

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