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I'm not. :( I probably will one day when I get a 3DS... maybe. My favourite part of Abyss was playing through it several times with my best friend. We still have so much fun recounting our epic fight with Nebillim... I think it was on unknown (or else I have no excuse for this next part). I was Jade, he was Guy, and his job was to run around her really close to keep her distracted and targetting him and my job was to switch between Jade, Tear and... I think we brought Anise... and have them continuously attack and heal. If I didn't watch the other two, they'd run up and attack for no reason. XD; The fight literally took over an hour of this and by the end, we ran out of life bottles and it boiled down to a casting battle between Jade and Nebillim which... even plot-wise would be so epic. n_n;; I had to cast mid-level spells so that I could attack and get the heck out of the way when she cast her high-level spells in roughly the same time. But after 10 minutes of this or something, I dealt the last blow and we were just so amazed that we did it.

...but the 3DS version has no multiplayer. Not even local both-of-you-have-a-3DS-and-the-game multiplayer. And that's kind of the most important thing for me when it comes to Tales games. I've never played a main game all the way through with myself because it's way more fun playing with my friends. It's probably part of the reason I never finished any of the handheld games that weren't spinoffs. :x But regardless, the no multiplayer makes me sad and means it's not a "OMG OMG MUST HAVE".

If I give into my desires (which I really shouldn't because I don't have the money for them), I might end up with a Japanese 3DS eventually and if I do, I'll totally get Abyss 3DS on Japanese. VOICED SKITS. <3