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    Honestly for me, it’s the getting started part that bothers me. I’m a bit of an active thinker and I normally envision the middle and end before the beginning of a story. I absolutely loathe getting things started. It is mainly because I have to worry about making things interesting in the first place. This actually leads to my second problem with my writing process.

    Secondly, editing is a true problem with me. It’s not because I cannot do it or I loathe doing it; it is because I have the worst perfectionist mentality in the world. I’m NEVER truly satisfied with anything that I do. I have meager amounts of self-pride from one point or another, but I always find something wrong. This makes my writing a lot slower. Where people can edit then post the same day, it takes me about a week to even like it is worth sharing. I didn’t my obsession with perfectionism was that severe until I realize I can’t read anything that I write after a few moments to myself to accept it may never be perfect.

    Lastly, it has to be thinking of names for chapters and the story. Character names usually comes to me sort quickly, but I will stare at the blank page for hours just thinking of a name of the story. After a while (and to my dismay), I just sort of go on without it until it comes to me.

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