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    My least favorite part of the writing process is definitely not knowing how to get to the end of the story, even though I know exactly how I want the thing to end, how I want it to begin, and what happens in the middle. There's always this gap that I can't think of how to fill, even if the rest of the story seems to piece together perfectly. It's for this reason that I absolutely flounder with chaptered stories. I'm way better with one-shots just because the plots are short enough for me to picture all at once.

    Titles...I have a strange relationship with titles. Most of the time they're an afterthought and I don't stress over them at all, but sometimes I actually think of the title before I even think of a story to go with it. "Hmmm...'Gary Stu's Unpredictable Adventure'...I think I'm on to something." The rest of the time I just slap one on there, and if a better one occurs to me later I shrug it off. Sometimes having a lousy title doesn't hurt you much in the long run, as Charles M. Schulz discovered with his disastrously named masterpiece Peanuts.


    Originally Posted by Mizan
    Recently, my chapter titles have had nothing to do with my story, or the chapter, whatsoever. ;P
    I love it when writers do that. xD My favorite misleading titles have to be the ones from the old Sam & Max comics. They includes such winners as "Monkeys Violating the Heavenly Temple (Based on the novella Sam & Max Meet Some Bad Guys)."
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