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I've taken out all of the challenges separating goldenrod from ecruteak and earned myself an eevee. it also only took just less than 10 levels to evolved when I gave it two haircuts and battled a LOT of trainers and wild pokemon.
also defeated my rival, who was terrifyingly easy. I can't even remember how the battle went, it was that quick.
so, after training up all my pokemon, I went to defeat all the trainers in the gym, and in the proccess, krabby evolved into kingler! :D just in time for morty too, although espeon handled each one of his pokemon with confusion. not the toughest gym leader at all.


Kingler - Level 28 // Mud Shot, Bubblebeam, Stomp, Metal Claw
Espeon - Level 26 // Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Confusion, Sand Attack
Gloom - Level 23 // Mega Drain, Sweet Scent, Cut, Acid
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