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    Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
    When I walked off of route 601(I had gone back, this wasn't the first time) the tiles on the news stand glitched

    Also I can only find one (main) path in Purity forest. Is there a way I'm missing or another entrance.

    Thanks for that report, I have fixed this problem =3
    About purity forest, it contains one main road what might could change between 5pm (17.00) and 6pm (18.00)

    For everyone else who has tried this hack, did someone reached the first gym and beat all 6 side quests? =3

    I'm going on a well deserved vacation for the comming 2 weeks. This thread will stay online so bugs could be reported. I hope you'll all enjoy this hack and 'till 2 weeks! Cheers!