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    This kinda tutorial is based on the standalone Holosheet that can be used on an image that has a background already.

    To teach you how to use a holosheet, I first need to know if you have Photoshop. If so, I'll explain.

    First of, select all of the blank.

    Then pick a selection tool (retangle by basic Pokon) and click on the 'Substract from selection' button.

    Select the white part in the border (where the illus. should come). Now you should see that the blank is totally selected, except for the white part.

    Right-click on the blank and choose 'Layer via Cut'. The blank (without the white part) is now the upper layer.

    Open your Pokon image and resize it until it fits (check 'Constrain proportions' or something, in the 'Image Size' section under 'Image')
    Then type for the width '325 pixels'. That would fit mostly.

    Now, select the image by right-clicking it with the Pan-tool. Select the Layer that is the Image, most likely it will say 'Background' and 'Layer 2'. Choose 'Layer 2'.

    Now, select the part of the Pokon in the image with the Lasso-tool or polygonaial (something like that) or eventually, in a very clear image, the 'Magnetic Lasso'-tool.

    After selecting that part (the Pokon) there should appear a rotating accented line around it.

    Right-click it and choose 'Layer via Cut'.
    -----Almost finished....

    Open the Standalone Holosheet

    Press Ctrl+A and the whole Holosheet should be selected. Then Press Ctrl+C to copy it.

    Go to the Pokon fake card and select the Pan-tool. Rightclick on the image around the pokon. Select 'Layer 2' (or the one other than 'Background'.

    Press Ctrl+V. The Pokon should be visible now, but the background of the Pokon not.

    Go to 'Layers'. Select the Holosheet layer (mostly Layer 4).

    Go to the 'Layer'-Menu and select 'Duplicate Layer...' and choose the file of the Pokon card on which the holosheet should be attached and press OK.

    Select the upper holo-layer (Layer 4 copy or so) and set the box with 'Normal' in it to 'Multiply'.
    Set the Opacity to 25%-30%.

    Now select the rear holo-layer and set the 'Normal'-part to 'Color Dodge'.
    Set the opacity to an amount between 80% and 100%, whatever fits the best.

    Now you've attached a holosheet!!!!!

    Thanks for the suggestions to Fangking Omega and King Shuckle!
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