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Originally Posted by Pokemon Game Fan View Post
I think the trade center is perfect, the only suggestion I'd make is to make it necessary to post what generation they're trading to/from. I don't think forcing them to put their FCs should be necessary, once a trade is finalized, they can tell them their FC, but I do find it super annoying when I think I've hit gold then we both find out we're trading from different generations.
Maybe even a separate sub-forum like Serebii has it
I wouldn't exactly say having half/quater of the threads on the first page locked a perfect situation. Don't we essentially already do that with the prefixes?

Originally Posted by RoseBlade View Post
I believe that an official cloning thread would be nice, something like the check my pokemon thread. Have official cloners ready to clone. Though this would become overwhelming after a while without many people cloning at the ready, it is something to think about.
The Official Cloning could just be a test drive of sorts. If it goes well maybe branch it all to everyone someday. Cloning can be tedious depending on the amount the users request, but if there isn't may cloners then we can just place limits on the amount a person requests per day.

As far as the guides go has anyone even attempted at compiling one as of yet and running it by the mods?

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