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    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post

    The Official Cloning could just be a test drive of sorts. If it goes well maybe branch it all to everyone someday. Cloning can be tedious depending on the amount the users request, but if there isn't may cloners then we can just place limits on the amount a person requests per day.
    The amount of people cloning the number of requests and number of clones is the biggest concern. There is also the fact that there are not that many people that would trust others with their more rare pokemon if it was not a mod or vet of the site. So somehow the mods will have to select official cloners for the site, possibly add certain times that the 'shop' is open.

    The whole idea of cloning though leads to the problem of having multiple of the exact same pokemon. In theory eventually there will be only one OT and all pokemon will be exactly the same.

    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    As far as the guides go has anyone even attempted at compiling one as of yet and running it by the mods?
    There are many sister sites that have them, smogon for sure has some and I know for a fact that they would not mind us making a link or posting the guide itself as long as we state that we got it from there.
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