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Well, y'all have done it. You mentioned the dreaded topic that I'll go on about forever.

Originally Posted by icomeanon6 View Post
Actually, I'm not even sure that largely omitting physical character description is a problem. I'm reading Red Prophet now (OSC & AM ftw, but EW still > AM, heh), and I don't think Card's described many physical characteristics except for ones that actually add to the story. And these descriptions are rarely when the character's introduced, they're when the focus is on that part of the story. You definitely don't get extensive, fanfic-esque description of what Alvin's wearing and what his hair looks like.

So don't worry! Orson Scott Card still loves you!
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Oh, wait. That's my Sims.

Actually, it was Card's writing that made me switch over to as little physical description as possible. In fact, in his book Characters and Viewpoint, he says:

"The reason I listed the body last is not because it's unimportant, but rather because far too many writers--especially beginners--think that a physical description of a character is characterization. If they have a woman stand in front of a mirror and comb her long brown hair with the comb delicately balanced in her slender fingers as she looks into her own flashing brown eyes, such writers think they've done the job."
For me, personally, it's fine to do what Bay and Sgt. Shock mentioned, where the physical description comes in bits and pieces and it's small doses of more important information. I tend to do that myself (in my OSC fanfiction, hilariously enough).

Y'know, everyone, how y'all handle description in your stories was going to be another thread discussion, but I'm perfectly fine with it also running through this thread.

Originally Posted by Sgt Shock View Post
Oh Orson Scott Card. Come to think about it, I don't know what Ender looks like in Ender's Game. It has never really occurred to me.
Out of the seven illustrations that I have of him, he's portrayed the majority of times with red-brown hair and blue eyes. There's one time where he has blond hair and blue eyes, and another time where he has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Originally Posted by Nam View Post
No, it's like my brain and I are two separate beings in one body; when I want to make up a story; no ideas come to mind, but when the sun dies and the moon rises, when I'm trying to sleep, my head starts automatically generating ideas; juicy, funny, ideas, and I'm like, "GO TO SLEEP!!!" but to no avail. I end up laughing all night until I get off the bed or my eyes rebel against the brain.
I'm the same. During the day when I can actually do something about the ideas, I don't get any. During the night, my mind is active. I've written so many scenes in my mind while trying to fall asleep. And then, as I wake up, I forget them.

So that I also hate about the writing process. My muse not knowing when it's time to sleep.
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