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Wow, I must say, this game is truly amazing!
The amount of effort that was put in to this game is obvious. Fantastic work!

Some critizism: *The spelling and grammar really needs some work.
*There should be some reminders of what your mission is (like where you have to go to, etc. and maybe some hints.) There were times where I was stuck because I had forgotten where I had to be and was forced to walk through the entire game world to pick up where I had left off.

All in all, the best fan game I've ever tried, and possibly the best there is!
This is to the message board designers:

**** you Pokecommunity for making me register just to read the damned Pokemon Raptor EX Walkthrough!!! What the **** is up with that? I should not be forced to sign up just to read a walkthough.

I'm sure someone is probably thinking about writing a lame and indifferent smug little comentary that goes something like this: " It was made by a member of the forum" or "if you don't want to register to read the walkthrough, don't do it!"

Here's why it's retarded: It makes people who are not interested in joining the messageboard fill the member list and the forum with **** like this and/or inactive users.
All it does is piss people off.

And yes, I want to read the walkthrough, ill register to do it ( I have as you can read), all Im saying is that it's a face-in-the-******* tactic to get more members.
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