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    From reading posts from other on both PC and BMGF, I have to say I'm glad that I totally blanked on the hype for the Don Battles. In retrospect, they were rather boring and poorly-executed. Bianca and Zorua's "humorous interludes" were boring by episode 42, somebody should have learned to pronounce Kenyan's name by now, the battles were terribly balanced, there was little to no development with the Pokémon. And last but not least... I was getting sick of Dent being hyper-flamboyant. Once is amusing, but like seven times in as many episodes? No. He was starting to feel like old!James in terms of silliness. Ridiculous.

    The only real appeal for me withing these episodes was the Cabernet/Dent interaction, the Langley/Iris rivalry, and the general camaraderie of the cast when not battling. Luke is an interesting character and I do hope he shows up again. Kenyan seems like he'll show up once in a while, though I hope someone gets his name right when he does. I am damn sick of Bel by now. Langley can come back any time as long as she's making good points and not just arguing for the sake of it. Cabernet seems to be more okay with Dent by now (hoo boy the SommelierShipping -_-;) which I suppose is good, though I liked her being a psycho *****. Dent needs to just like.. chill out and go back to being adorable and calm for a while. Ash needs to get his **** together and Iris... has been pretty cool lately.

    So yeah. Don Battles kinda sucked; Meowth time s'il vous plaît.

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