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The sad thing is you didn't miss anything. And Bianca going after Zorua ran dry after the first episodes. That detracted from the battles, she did horrible against Kenyan. At this point I really can't take her character seriously. And yes what development. It was almost nonexistent, at least with the pokemon. I think if anything the rivalries/relationships developed a bit between Burgundy/Cilan and Langley/Iris. Trip on the other hand was like I just want to get the hell out of here, Ash you can go die for all I care.

Half the battles were rushed(which of course it is too be expected), but to rush Ash battles(guess Dino wasn't an important battle but still). I think we will see most of the characters we saw in Don Battle again at some point. Obviously Trip(main rival), Bianca(reoccurring character), Burgundy(Cilan rival), Langley(Iris rival), Kenyan(I have a feeling he will meet up again at the Pokemon League, Luke(I am up in the air about him, he seems like a promising character to me so for him not to show up again I would be a bit disappointed).

All in all "It sucks" pretty much sums up my feelings for this arc. Next time we have a tour I am not going to buy into the hype, but just let the thing play out.

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