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    Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
    Why is it always eleven?!? i mean seriously, why in the name of hell, would an eleven year old child, go on a journey around the world, and capture monsters that, have the destructive force to knock out half a building?!? it just doesnt make sense.
    It isn't always eleven. In the original games, it's ten. And the why is simple. It's because the games are aimed at children. It's there so that children can feel like children are able to change the world and be famous and powerful and stuff. That's something that kids don't get to feel like.
    As for the destructive force, one of the main themes of pokémon is that everyone is naturally nice except for the bad people, and we can always tell who they are. As for bad pokémon, there's always a "good" reason for why they're acting bad and so on so forth.

    So it does make sense from a marketing/development point of view. It really does. If you want your target audience to connect with the main character, make the main character a part of the target audience.

    You should also work on your comma usage. You're a bit off.
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