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Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
Why is it always eleven?!? i mean seriously, why in the name of hell, would an eleven year old child, go on a journey around the world, and capture monsters that, have the destructive force to knock out half a building?!? it just doesnt make sense.
There's something about a child taking on a huge responsibility and taking on a task greater than them that appeals to people. Pokemon isn't the first fictional franchise to have children as the protagonists.

And another point. If you recall, this is FICTION. It doesn't have to make complete sense. The joy of working with something that doesn't exist is that you can take creative liberties. And you wouldn't of been training Pokemon at eleven years old?

And I'm going to work with everyone's ideas they suggested for Rufflet's ability and come up with one. And as thanks for participating, everyone is going to get an emblem (besides Aero who already has two of my emblem lol).
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