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    Okay, so this is going to be my first entry for a long time. And probably my first ever travel journal.

    Pokémon SoulSilver

    After Geodude and I proved to Falkner that electricity was not the only way of clipping a bird Pokémon's wings, we moved out in the fields to train. I quickly discovered that Gastly proved difficult to train here, so I decided to leave him in the computer for the time being, and then proceeded to lightly train Pidgey, Quilava and Geodude, now the only three members of my team. We started moving towards Azalea Town after having checked out the Ruins of Alph and having caught a few Unown, just because, well - why not?
    The Union Cave proved to be no challenge at all. Geodude Magnitude'd us all the way through, and when we got out on the other side, we saw some thugs roaming around the Slowpoke Well. I didn't take much notice, but when the folks around Azalea Town started telling me about how this gang was cutting off Slowpoke tails and selling them, I felt I had to do something. Someone told me that this guy, Kurt, would be able to do something, so I went to see him, and almost before he could finish explaining me the situation, he rushed off to the well. I pursued, only to discover that he had fallen down the well and hurt his back. I had to act alone, so I charged in, and almost entirely with Pidgey's help, I managed to chase these good-for-nothing scumbags off, who seemed to call themselves "Team Rocket". I then followed Kurt home, where he offered to turn Apricorns into Pokéballs for me.
    I then went on to challenge the gym here. I was amazed to see that the floor was a huge spider web, but it did not slow me and Pidgey down. After having trashed two trainers, Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto! I thought for sure that victory was mine now! And before long, I was facing Bugsy. I confidently sent out Pidgeotto, knowing that victory was mine. But Scyther proved to be a difficult opponent. After a long and tiring battle, Pidgeotto fainted, leaving me completely scarstruck. In disbelief over my Pidgeotto's lack of strength, I sent out Quilava, who took out the tired Scyther with an Ember, and then proceeded to knock out her two pupa Pokémon afterwards. I was then awarded with a badge and hurried off to a Pokémon Center to revive Pidgeotto.

    So, here's the current situation:

    Pidgeotto, lv 18
    Quick Attack

    Geodude, lv 18
    Rock Throw

    Quilava, lv 18
    Quick Attack


    Okay, just one more post before I'm off to bed. This is kinda fun to write.

    Pokémon SoulSilver

    After a surprisingly tough battle with Bugsy, mostly due to my lack of wit, I healed my Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and then went on to make my way through Ilex Forest. But I was stopped by Noel - the guy who had stolen a Pokémon from Prof. Elm! He insisted on battling me, so I showed him just how Pokémon should be raised. He angrily walked off, but the battle made me realize something - I needed a Pokémon to counter Water-types. Pidgeotto did a decent effort against Croconaw, but with Gust and Quick Attach being her only means of attacking, the battle was kinda tiring. I then decided on adding Mareep to my team and then proceeded to train Mareep. After having reached level 13, I went back to Ilex Forest, where I met a guy who had lost his Farfetch'd. Sneaking around the Ilex Forest, I helped him retrieve his birds, and boy, was I surprised, when Mareep evolved into Flaaffy in the process.
    We made our way through the rest of Ilex Forest without too much trouble, though Quilava did guide an odd-looking girl out of the forest. She seemed a bit lost. Having made it out of Ilex Forest, Flaaffy took on a few trainers, as we were headed for Goldenrod City. One particular trainer with a Sandshrew made me realize that I needed something to properly counter Ground-type Pokémon. After a few moments of thinking, I decided on a perfect team member: Poliwrath! It's got the important Water-typing that I will eventually be needing. Furthermore, it's a Fighting-type, which is also incredibly useful, and it doesn't have to be restricted to be a physical attacker. I then grabbed my Old Rod and went right back to a lake in Ilex Forest, where I spent a few hours lying on the grass with Flaaffy, sending one Magikarp after another back in the lake, until finally, a Poliwag noticed me! Flaaffy Thunder Wave'd the poor little thing, and before long, I found myself with a new addition to my team, and I then headed for Goldenrod City once again.
    On the way, we met Lyla, who introduced us to her grandparents, who seemed to be running a day-care. I didn't feel like letting them take care of any of my Pokémon, so I bid them farewell and walked on. Eventually, I did reach Goldenrod City. And now it's time for a bit of serious grinding.

    Current team and badges:

    Geodude, lv 19
    Rock Head
    - Headbutt
    - Selfdestruct
    - Rock Throw
    - Magnitude

    Flaaffy, lv 16
    - Tackle
    - Headbutt
    - ThunderShock
    - Thunder Wave

    Pidgeotto, lv 19
    Tangled Feet
    - Quick Attack
    - Sand-Attack
    - Gust
    - Roost

    Quilava, lv 20
    - Headbutt
    - Quick Attack
    - Flame Wheel
    - Ember

    Poliwag, lv 10
    - Water Sport
    - Bubble
    - Hypnosis

    Currently working on: Fakemon FireRed
    Not finished yet, but complete-ish up until Lavender Town.

    Feel free to check out my old hack: Pekin's Ruby Hack
    Finished and playable, but with fewer features.