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    Lost Memories

    This is the Lost Memories (PG-16) OOC thread!

    Main Thread:

    Rules: (in case you have forgotten)
    1. No godmodding or bunnying.
    2. Post a minumum of 2 paragraphs. (Some exceptions will be given.)
    3. Respect other Rpers.
    4. Absolutey NO one-liners.
    5. Check grammar and spelling before posting.
    6. Have fun.
    7. If you have a problem, PM me.
    8. Only refer to things that your character would know about. (i.e. things your character sees, not something from someone's Sign Up.)
    9. At least two posts per week. Anymore is fine. Any less is not fine without good reason.

    Miharu Mizushima (MichaelaTheUchiha)

    Name: Miharu Mizushima

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Specialization: Magic

    Weapons: Shortsword

    Personality: Miharu is sarcastic and snarky. She is also fairly anti-social around most people, unless she gets a good feeling about them. When she doesn't get a good feeling, she is cold, quiet, and harsh. She dislikes people who are fairly unintelligent, but won't try to insult them. She also dislike trouble makers and people who draw attention to themselves. She is not afraid to speak her mind and will be blunt about the truth, even if it is what other people would not want to hear. She also dislikes cowards.

    However, if she gets a good feeling, her sense of humor is let out and she makes a lot of jokes. She also smiles a bit more, although she is still fairly cold, quiet, and harsh, just not has heavily. Although she seems to be...mean (in the nicest terms), she cares deeply for nature, animals, and most humans. She barely shows her care for humans, however.

    Miharu also thinks relatively outside of the box, being able to come up with tactics that are fairly unique and strange. Her mind moves at a fairly fast speed and she is fairly observant. She can also profile people fairly easily.

    Appearance: Miharu has medium, black hair that reaches up to her shoulders. She also doesn't have any bangs. She has black, almond shaped eyes that are fairly small and are double lidded. She is of Japanese decent, and looks it too. She is around 5'5" and weighs about 110 pounds, although most of her weight comes from her muscles. She has well developed muscles and a six pack, indicating that she had trained herself before.

    She wears a black t-shirt and long, black cargo pants. She also wears Chinese styled flats that allow her to move around silently. All of her clothes are easy to maneuver and fight in. She also has a black sweatshirt tied around her waist with light blue Japanese writings.

    Additional Information: Although she has magic, she also has reflexes and muscle memory from martial arts training. She will also randomly slip into Japanese.

    Who do you remember?: Kimura, sister

    Link Glais (MasterLink742)

    Name: Link Glais
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Specialization: Melee
    Weapons: Spear and Longsword
    (For an idea of what the spear looks like, it's the one one the left.

    Personality: Link is an extremely introverted person. He always looks for the best in people, and it takes quite a bit to make him dislike you. He tends to observe people before starting to make friends, trying to think of the best way to befriend them. Often though, he might take too long and miss a chance entirely. Once you do get to know him though, he is really easy to talk to and is an overall nice person. He believes that everyone is equal, and should be treated like that. He is also a "yes man" finding extremely difficult to say no to anyone.

    Link is a very logical thinker. When given time to plan he is an excellent tactician. However, if he has to make a split second decision, he tends to become quite reckless. Once he manages to become friends with someone, he becomes quite loyal to them, going to great lengths to protect his friends, often putting himself into danger in the process. Along with that, he is susceptible to peer pressure, and has poor self esteem. He is a quiet person who chooses to talk when he knows he is right, to avoid mockery. He hates to be wrong. When it is pointed out, he will deny it, though he knows that they are right.

    Appearance: Link is 6'3" and medium build. He has beautiful blue eyes, and medium length, dark brown hair. Some say that he is a handsome person, but Link doesn't quite believe them. He has no facial hair, and pale white skin. He is embarrassed by his pale skin, and hates to let people see his it, for he is often mocked for it.

    Link tends to keep things simple when it somes to clothes. He wears a plain white t-shirt, with a black, short sleeve jacket. Along with this he wears some black cargo pants, and some normal looking tennis shoes. He likes to wear a pair of white gloves, primarily to get a better grip on his weapons.

    Additional Information: He is ambidextrous, using his spear with his left hand, and wielding the sword with his right. (not at the same time though.)

    Who do you remember?: Jennifer, his best friend since preschool that he had feelings for.

    Jenna Brogue (Pikakip)
    Name: Jenna Brogue

    Age: (18)

    Gender: Female

    Specialization: Magyk

    Weapons: Gear Staff (I’m going steam punk :3)

    Personality: Jenna is one of the craftiest girls you will ever meet. She’ll take all of your money and leave you stranded in the road, wondering what the hell happened. She is a beauty, and she uses this to her complete advantage as a con artist. She is quite possibly the least trustworthy in the entire universe… er Universes. She acts like a bandit, which is odd considering that she specializes in Magyk. (Although it’s not that strange since she was really into the Arcane arts before she wound up in this universe.)

    Jenna only truly looks up to a few people as idols or mentors, and most of them aren’t even known for being masters of a specific skill. They just have lots of cash. Jenna respects the successful, unless they’re her competitors. Jenna has only ever cared about a select few, mainly her family and her deceased friend Sky.

    When it comes to competition, Jenna throws her morals out the window. Provided that it’s not something that will get her removed from the competition, she will do almost anything to win. Jenna is a rather smart girl, and she knows how to get inside of people’s heads. She uses this as an advantage all the time She will usually use it in an attempt to romance a boy(or even a girl in some cases) into doing favors for her. Jenna occasionally has a spell where she gets incredibly angry. For example, if she hears someone call her ugly, she immediately goes ballistic, bludgeoning the one who said it with the nearest blunt object.

    She’s incredibly smart, and she likes to invent things, which is part of why she’s so into Steampunk. She carries bits of gears and springs with her everywhere just in case she has an idea for an invention.

    Appearance: Jenna is a rather lean girl. She stands at a height of 5’5, and she is rather thin. Her hair is black, and is usually worn in a tight ponytail, although she has been known to let it down now and then. Jenna facial expression is generally one of mild annoyance, and many say her brown eyes feel like they’re constantly judging you. When she’s conning someone, or trying to take advantage of someone, she’s all smiles. Her gaze is said to be able to stop a man in his tracks. Occasionally she’ll wear fake piercings

    Before she arrived in this world, Jenna had become rather obsessed with a certain style. Steampunk. She had 5 different steampunk costumes that she had made herself. The one that she is currently stuck with however, is her simplest one. For her torso, Jenna wears a black corset with a brown blouse over it. The lower part of her corset extends past her hips into a short skirt torn halfway up her left thigh. She has a special belt/fanny pack thing that she uses to store all of her tools and gadgets. She also has a pair of Aviator goggles covered in metal bits and gears and a gear bracelet.(It’s one large gear.)

    Additional Information: She’s Bi.

    Who do you remember?: Sky, her deceased Best friend

    Michael "Mike" Harnel (A Monocled Hawk)
    Name: Michael "Mike" Harnel

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Melee

    Weapons: A Halberd ( A five foot long pole with a heavy steel blade on the end. This blade is a flat, curved piece of steel and has a slight point at its' top. There is also a blue piece of cloth tied decoratively to the pole itself close to the blade. ) and a small dagger for back-up.

    Personality: Mike is some one you would call a bit lacking in the 'think before you act' department. He's not necessarily dumb, but he's not the brightest of the bunch either. There are things he can figure out quite easily on his own, but throw a complicated problem in or perhaps something involving math and science and he'll be left there scratching his head. Now this doesn't mean he can be easily swayed to follow one person or another - in fact it's the one thing that has helped him get through life thus far: his strong sense of morality and justice.

    Now what Mike lacks in problem solving he makes up for in sheer strength and willingness to follow orders. Generally he will label someone as 'leader' if he is in a group and, even if he doesn't say this aloud, Mike will look towards him/her for answers or instructions. If someone told him to go knock down a tree using only his forehead he'd do it, as long as you gave him a good reason too. Don't give him a reason to 'do this' or 'do that' then he will just shake his head at you and say 'no'. However, if he has known someone for quite a while and this person has made decisions in the past then Mike will slowly start to give blind faith into this person.

    Well what about his friends? Simple, if your Mike's friend or companion then you've basically got someone who will risk everything for you. He'll take the blame, he'll take the fall or even the punishment if it comes to it. He is deeply loyal to his friends and would hate for anything to happen to one of them.

    All of this isn't evident at first, though. When one first meets Mike he's a very nervous looking guy and even intimidating to some. Once he opens up and starts to get to know someone...that's when you get to know the real Mike.

    Appearance: He's a fridge with arms and legs. Plain and simple. Wait, you wanted details? Oh, fine.

    That 'fridge' joke wasn't an understatement, it's an almost accurate representation of the man. Standing at six feet and four inches tall he's quite a sight, but throw in a broad chest and shoulders, a very well built upper body, and a square facial structure and you have a walking fridge.

    A deep brown tan doesn't really hurt either, in fact it goes really well with his blonde buzz-cut. To compliment this are his piercing blue eyes that usually tell much more than what Mike lets on - the eyes are the windows to the soul, you know.

    Normally adorned in nothing more than light jeans, a black tank-top, and a blue button up shirt ( that he likes to keep unbuttoned ) Mike just kinda looks like the average walking fridge in the area. To keep him out of the 'normal crowd' he also wears black tennis shoes, a leather necklace with a silver ring attached to it, and a full black tribal tattoo that runs down his right arm, starting at his shoulder coming to a stop just before his wrist.

    Additional Information: Doesn't like to be called Michael.

    Who do you remember?: Bryce, close friend since Jr. High School and throughout High School.

    Skylar "Sky" Destan (SkyisUmbreon)
    Name: Skylar(Sky) Destan

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Ranged

    Weapons: Musket

    Personality: Most people at first glance, and probably second glance would make him out to be a very laid-back kind of guy. This is a part of his nature. When with his friends, he can be a very funny person, and sometimes a bit weird, but he can also be very serious when he needs to. His joking attitude is something he may take to far, which leads to him toying with his enemy in battle, which can ultimately lead to his defeat. He has been known to have more of a quiet side, which tends to come out after disasters or a lost battle.

    When he loeses, he makes sure to train even harder so that he would be prepared to face the enemy again. He isn't particularly fond of people who are just plain killjoys, but he will eventually learn to live with them. Behind this "mask" of his carefree attitude, he hides a very intelligent, cold and calculating personality, and seems to be the complete opposite of his normal state. He also seems to be unaware of what he has done while he was in this state, so it could be said that it is a split personality. It could have something to do with his lost memories.

    Appearance: Sky wears a white jacket, which is lined with black. This lining shows up around his collar, and at the cuffs of the sleeves, as well as the base of the jacket. His hair is colored silver, and messy, so that it covers his left eye, as well as both of his ears. His left eye is colored red, while the right is colored a deep blue. He has no facial hair, and his skin color is lightly tanned.

    His baggy jeans are colored a dark blue, but a bit faded in the knees, with a steel chain that is attached to his belt loops. He wears black steel toed boots, and metal plated on the bottom, which can be a lethal weapon in a fight. His shirt is red striped black, and short sleeved and lightly faded. On his left and right hands, he wears black gloves bearing the symbol of a silver dragon on the back of them. He is moderately built, standing at about 5'9 and able to fend for himself in a fight in hand to hand combat as well as ranged.

    Additional Information: He may have not been as lethal as his brother in Tae Kwon do, but he's not to far off either, being a moderately skilled marksman.

    Who do you remember?: Raike, Brother/Worst Enemy

    Charlotte "Charlie" Anna Dawson (SelenaStar)
    Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Anna Dawson

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Specialization: Melee

    Weapons: Hand-and-a-Half sword (primary), Shield (Defensive, but also used as a weapon where appropriate)

    Personality: The difficulty with describing Charlie's personality is that she doesn't really have one fixed way of being. This is not to say that she is schizophrenic or has any such personality disorder, rather that her personality is best described as 'adaptive' or 'pragmatic' - rather than showing herself in any kind of light in a new situation, Charlie will remain subdued until she had effectively gauged the situation and the other actors within it and then she will act accordingly. Some would argue that this makes Charlie 'fake' - that she will not reveal her real self in any situation, rather she will reveal a version of herself that she deems appropriate.

    She had always been this way, ever since before anyone could remmeber. Even with her own parents Charlie was often reserved and a little shy, although they could be said to be the only people to ever see the 'real' Charlie beyond the various faces presented to the world.

    The 'real' Charlie is a bright girl who all too easily is shocked by the darker side of the world. Not that she is exposed to it often, to say that her life is plighted by darkness and tragedy would be misleading and a downright falsification, but she tends to take more notice of these things than others around her - so any kind of negative situation that Charlie encounters - from someone's property being stolen to the one time she saw someone being attacked in broad daylight - will trouble her but she is talented at keeping these feelings to herself and hiding behind one of her many sides.

    Appearance: Charlie is of average height for a girl her age, around 5'6/5'7 and is of very slender build, with the clothes she wears one would say she has an athletic, boyish figure, but she does have curves that she generally prefers to conceal, particularly for training purposes. Perhaps conflicting with her whole figure, she has waist-length dark brown that falls straight - she has side bangs but she prefers to keep them held back from her face with a simple brown headband. Her face is feminine and her features are pretty - wide dark green eyes, thick eyelashes and pink lips - but her expression is usually somber and doesn't show them off as well if she cracked a smile every so often.

    In terms of clothing, Charlie has very masculine tastes - she prefers loose trousers and tank tops that are easy to train in, almost like a Karate Gi, in warm, earthy tones such as browns, beiges, black and white - basically shades that she can easily wear together and don't attract too much attention to herself. These clothes have to be easy to move in as she trains often and doesn't see the appeal of having different clothes for her everyday busines and her training, preferring to be able to train whenever she feels the urge rather than having to change before she can

    Who she remembers: Her best friend from home, Lara

    Rin Kagetsuchi (CyBeastSaber)
    Name: Rin (True name: Rin Kagetsuchi)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Specialization: Melee (Hand-to-Hand)
    Her left arm is fitted with a silver Gauntlet covering her fist up to her upper forearm and elbow with a light but durable armor while her right arm is equipped with a finger-less black glove extending to her middle forearm with metallic plating surrounding the exterior of her back hand and forearm cloth while the palm is stitched with rough patches of material to allow for gripping. Both pieces are beginning to see signs of wear and many scratches can be seen across the surfaces.

    Rin may not remember anything of her past but she does understand to a certain extent on how she behaves. Over the years of harsh and strict training, Rin doesn't remember how to smile or laugh. Rin keeps to herself rather than interact with others, making her less than likely to stand out within a crowd. Because she can be extremely cold in her ways of talking or thinking, many who have approached her do not usually do so again at least to Rin's knowledge of past confrontations. Rin has an intelligent mind and can be fearless, but her naive and quick judgements without thinking things through are a part of her downfall, sadly. She is, however, able to adapt quickly to different situations due to years of training. People find her invaluable as an ally in battle because of her abilities and skill as a fighter.

    Oddly, however, is her infatuation of cute things, especially stuffed animals. She has repressed the girlish side of her to an extent yet even her willpower cannot overcome her love of stuffed animals; however, she has tried many times to change that part of herself. Because she keeps it a secret, very few people know of this side of Rin, which only includes her parents and older sister. Another thing she was taught within her dojo and drilled into her very core was to protect those that are weaker than yourself. Rin has taken the lesson to heart and despite her apparent cold nature, she will defend others who cannot defend themselves in which the act most often wins her the favor of the people she has protected.

    Because the dojo taught it's students how to disarm and incapacitate opponents, it strictly forbade killing, which can easily done with the skills learned at the dojo, thus Rin had to learn self control in exerting her power since she was one of few who could fight with pin-point accuracy, leading to her mastery of concentration and ability to use a special form of energy utilization called Ki. Rin takes prides in her swiftness and ability as a fighter and to mock her would invoke her wrath, which is not a pretty sight to see. Her emotions are mostly kept suppressed as they interfere with one's combat abilities or so she has been taught, and when it comes to relationships, Rin is oblivious and very dense.

    Rin stands at a height of 5 feet and 3 inches and weighs roughly 126 pounds. She has short ebony coloured hair cut to her shoulder length save for a thin tail that falls to a length just below her buttocks tied with a black hairband. Rin's brown eyes are slanted but round and the bangs of her hair fall above her eyes in a sweeping motion to the left of her face. The skin of her face is tough and lacks any form of fat from her training at the dojo and the almond shape of her face joins at the smoothly curved chin. Karin's ears are small but unattached and they lay back on her head rather than open out. Her light skinned body is amply endowed which she finds obstructive to her training, and the firm muscles on her body aren't apparent especially her arms and legs unless they are directly touched.

    From the dojo's Gi to the school uniform, Rin is highly uncaring of fashionable trends. She wears clothing that aren't extremely loose fitting which causes little resistance to movement to allow for maximum maneuverability and has a strong dislike for female clothing because they make her look awkward although others would debate the subject should she ever wear them. Her attire consists of a black sleeveless shirt that has a zipper running straight down the middle of the clothing ending above the upper thigh portion, while her lower body can be seen in a knee-length blue cutoff jeans that exposes her lower legs. A black belt is worn around Rin's waist firmly securing her pants, and a pair of ankle high black socks attempt to hide within the black boots she worn upon each foot.

    Rin has some accessories she wears, however, she can't seem to remember the people gave each piece of it to her. She carries a small silver wristwatch with engravings of the letter K to R on the back of the watch while a hairclip with a beautiful design of an azure phoenix on it also sat within her pocket contents. A locket of gold held a small picture inside of it's closed cover depicting two girls, one small and one standing taller with smiles and grins on their faces. Rin has constantly looked upon it trying to piece back together who the girl grinning next to her was but to no avail, her memory surely held no memories.

    Additional Information:
    A close combat specialist in the Art of Disarming and Incapacitating as well as special Ki Techniques; still in training

    Who do you remember?:
    Karin, her older sister, mentor, rival, and Head of their family's dojo of hand-to-hand combat

    Kuro Usiku (SeekerOfDarkness)
    Name: Kuro Usiku

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Melee

    Weapons: Katana (primary), Stilletos (secondary)

    Personality: A man of few words, Kuro speaks the "language" of actions. Though he may seem to be cold and uncaring at first glance, he is quick to help if anyone is in danger. He rarely engages foes in combat, but will fight fiercely if someone he cares for is threatened. He respects all life, and will mourn even his enemies.

    Kuro is never rude, but he isn't neccesarily polite, either. He doesn't like to take sides in an argument, prefering to just watch, amused. He has no idols, and looks up to no one. Kuro is his own leader, and will almost never follow another's order unless he believes that the reason is a truly pressing matter. He believes everyone is on equal grounds, and that nobody is richer or poorer than the other. He is not easily influenced by others, an will almost always follow his own path. However, his silence and his seeming lack of emotions make it difficult for his companions to see where his path actually leads. As a result, very few people trust Kuro, if any. That's perfectly fine with Kuro, though, since he doesn't really trust others or himself.

    Appearance: Kuro is tall, about 6' 2", and thin, weighing in at about 135 lbs. He has long, black hair that often covers his blue eyes. He wears a steel chain about his neck, at the end of which is an iron cross. He wears a gray tee-shirt and a black jacket, and dark blue pants. He wears somewhat worn out, brown leather shoes.

    Kuro's katana is kept in its sheath, which is attached to his belt. The belt itself is just a plain brown leather belt, and the sheath is of the same material. He keeps some of his stilletos in a secret pocket in his jacket sleeve, and the rest in his pants pocket. The stilletos are small, expertly crafted daggers, and a final gift from his old master in this other world. The katana is made from steel, and the hilt and handle are black. He rarely unsheathes the sword; instead he uses his stilletos, a major part in his subtle yet deadly fighting style.

    Additional info: He enjoys a good game of cards, perferably poker.

    Who he remembers: His girlfriend.

    Rodney "Rod" Harison (IDoLikeMudkip)
    Name: Rodney "Rod" Harison

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Specialization: Melee

    Weapons: Two Handed Sword

    Rod is reckless. He thirsts for excitement and will achieve it any way he possibly can. This included picking fights whenever he could. Rod developed an "I'm tougher than you" attitude and chose to show at every chance he could. Unfortunately this got him into a lot of trouble at school. Rod was suspended many times but never got expelled, even though it was threatened every other time. This was due, in part, to his charm. When Rod is around those who know him well he is able to talk his way out of almost anything. On the other hand, with those who Rod just met, it comes off as arrogance. He has a small anger problem. It's not that he flies off the handle at the smallest agitation, but rather the small things add up. Rod bottles his annoyances so when it becomes too much he explodes.

    Offsetting this, Rod has found solace in some of the finer points of life. His loyalty to his close friends is unparallelled. Rod probably won't take a blow for them, but he will definitely knock someones lights out if they try to threaten them. His loyalty comes at a price though. Rod is not very outgoing and breaking though his shell takes one of two things. First, would be being thrust into contact like being put into a study group where he had to talk to people. Second, would be months of someone else coming to him, someone else putting in the effort to establish contact, only then would he feel comfortable to become close with them.

    Rod relishes the fight. It's excitement, it's adrenaline though his system, it's almost indescribable. Rod would rather strike first and ask questions later, and as such he has burned a lot of bridges on his journey. When Rod gets the first taste of his fight "fix" it is almost impossible to get him to stop. Rod will keep on going until whoever or whatever he is fighting is no more. This lack of self-control has led Rod to almost killing a couple of people during fights, and he would have done it too if someone hadn't stepped in.

    Rod is not the tallest guy in the pack. Standing at 6' even and weighing in at 135 pounds he doesn't stand out much. In fact the sword he carries slung across his back is more intimidating them him. With his sleight build it almost seems impossible for him to wield it. But what is not seen is that Rod's sleight stature is mostly toned muscle. Not like the bulging pecks of a body builder, it is almost impossible to see but Rod is strong despite not being ripped. His face shows his age, it simply shines with youth but has enough definition to say he has some years behind it. Rod dyed his short hair a midnight blue and wears it in spikes whenever he is in public. Rod has no facial hair except a well trimmed soul patch. His eyes are a dark brown, that at the same time command a level of respect and shine with friendliness. His nose is slightly crooked from being broken a number of times and points down to his thin mouth which conceals a glowing smile. He also bears a scar going from right cheek to chin from a fight were the opponent unexpectedly pulled a knife.

    Rod normally wears woodland camouflage print cargo pants, which some of the pockets contain very basic weapons, like brass knuckles and a pocket knife. He likes his short sleeved T-shirts and wears colors like black and red. He has a stud piercing in his right ear and a silver chain necklace bearing a gold symbol of a skull and crossed swords. His black sneakers are covered in white skulls, a few of which have been stained red from blood from fights, and scuffs hinting at the intensity of the fights.

    Additional Information: Nope.

    Who do you remember?: Thai, his best friend whom was the balance to Rod's recklessness. If he weren't Rod's best friend Thai would have been viewed as an obstacle to Rod's "fix".

    Alianna Jayne Summers (chef30)
    Name: Alianna Jayne Summers

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female


    Weapons: Magic Staff

    Personality: Alianna is nice, and she absolutely loves to have fun. She likes to play pranks on others. She is actually quite sneaky with everything she does. She believes that all should be able to do magic, and none shall be held back from using it. Alianna likes to be cool, and sometimes she might ignore you. She is a person who goes with her own flow. She likes to joke around, but she can be serious. She is especially serious when someone makes fun of her or gets her mad. She has a quick temper most of the time, but she also is nice. Her fovorite color is blue, and she loves to swim. If you see her, she'll either be wearing a light blue or a dark blue. She sometimes believes that she's better off alone. She is prideful of everything she does. She's always interested in what others have to say about things. Sometimes she'll ease-drop to find out. Some people don't like her, but most people do like her. She'll lie to get out of any trouble. Sometimes she hurts her friends without realizing it. Although she is like all of these things, she is still a nice person that can apologize to people.

    Alianna has nice, marine blue hair with slight blue eyes. She has been always known to wear blue. Her dress reaches all the way down to her knees, and her dress is a slight faded blue with decorations on it. Alianna wears a pair of shell earings and a shell pendant necklace. Alianna also has a shell anklet and nice blue flip-flops. Alianna will always have more of a summer look on her. She has a pearl bracelet and a shell head-band. Alianna stands at 5'8'', tall for her age. She has finger nail polish with shell designs on it (of course) and the background is, you guessed it, marine blue.

    Additional Information: None.

    Who do you remember?: Her best friend, Lia.

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