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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
I got some news about Quinn in addition to all this debacle with the newest episode.
Apparently Quinn starts hanging out with a new group and starts smoking. She flicks a cigarette or something and the piano is set on fire.

stealking dragonomega's thing ftw
Gurllll. >:C

But yeah this is interesting. I wonder if the new 'group' is by any chance Sheila and Sugar? :o

Also, there's a little rumor floating around that ND will sing "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rihanna. It will be an appeal to try and stop glee clubs from getting cancelled. C:

EDIT: Cheryl will be on glee, appearing as herself. <: Sugar will be a character who was born with a Silver Spoon and a Tin Ear. I.e, Rich parents and tone deaf. She'll still audition for ND. She'll be played by Vanessa Lengies.
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