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    Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
    Okay thank you for the hint there (changed my computer clock I'm usually not on 5-6)
    However the count script doesn't work(like someone said before) so I had to use a walk through walls cheat. I really loved the team rocket scene and the whole classic feel of it.
    However I did find some grammar errors with no capital at the beginning of sentences

    and here

    Also in the battle with team rocket the pallet kept flashing.
    (I hope I'm being helpful not annoying)
    Great to hear you've managed to find the main path ^^ Anyhow thanks for reporting I know about the many grammar errors and I wish I could resolve it but the translator has been booted out. About the flashing, I did encounter it aswell. It only appears at double battles and it seems like it has something to do with the D/N in-battle pallet change. Might I could resolve it in the near future! No It's okay, reporting is better than be silent. =3

    Originally Posted by Darkerm View Post
    My starter it Pichu. Man, I must say Its quite a hard game. I got some error/bug.

    The Bed tiles kinda cut off when you go to bed.

    Mom OW doesn't have walking frame. Its looks like she is sliding instead of walking O_o

    Wean I select an item its icon go Black.

    I'm not sure its a bug or not but when u walk on grass, the grass looks to bright green.

    I think you should move this news building a lil bit further or this will happen I you enter this area.

    Well, I just played a little. I am now sleeping in an old man house and Dreaming (in game though..).
    I'll post more bug if I find some.
    I know the game is really hard if you play with Pichu, and I would like to apologize for the hard trainer "Super Nerd Gary". Magnamite isn't easy but it's possible when you capture some different POKéMON so thats why it's inserted this way.
    This is actually the difficulty level:

    Grass: Medium
    Water: Medium
    Fire: Easy
    Electric: Hard

    Bugs and Glitches

    1) Bed seems like a simple block premission bug. I'll take a look when I return to Holland!

    2)Mom OW I couldn't help, better complain to Nintendo for not making a walking frame. xD It could be solved easily but I aint that great with pixel art to create the walking frames.

    3)Has been reported already before release (Check bug/glitches list)
    Bag layout seems like to change color after selecting a item
    4)The grass isn't a bug, FR/LG roms doesn't support a 9-tile grass animation. The only grass animation from FR/LG has been changed into this.

    5)Bug has been reported by Rayce and has been recently fixed!

    Have fun further in dark cry: TLoG =3!

    Originally Posted by theavenger View Post
    i clicked it a 100 times but it gets me to the release post and the only link or attachment i could find is to vba 1.8.0 beta 3
    Erhm... What's so hard to click on the hugh, blue download button =S

    Anyhow I've sended this message from the beautiful country Croatia! I'm now going to enjoy the weather and have a great time with my girl since it rained this morning. 'till 2 weeks people, cheers! =3