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Originally Posted by archeops14 View Post

Exactly what I'm doing ;)

So Rampardos and Archeops are out of the picture. I may stick with Chandelure though to protect me from nasty level 1 Arons. Although Hippowdon can do that with his immunity to Sandstorm.

To replace Chandelure, I'm thinking of getting a Kyogre. I have no idea of strategy, I just thought what would be a good option. Slaking to my surprise is fairly fast so I'm thinking of replacing Rampardos with him. Archeops's replacement could lead me to Darkrai, who is fast and has a good Sp. Attack base. But I don't know for Hydreigon. I may get a better one :)
Well I can see many problems already. Kyogre and Darkrai are banned from Standard play; as they are Uber Pokemon. Slaking is just as bad as Rampardos and Archeops because it has Truant. You won't see many level 1 Arons around, trust me. ): If you are worried about them and want a ghost type with high special attack, Gengar is always a viable contender. Being fast and powerful with decent typing; it's better than Chandelure. IMO.
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