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    From TV tokyo website, I can't post URL's. xD

    "Ash and co. and Meowth who decided to continue their journey, to travel together by some freak coincidence, encounter a Choroneko, "The Devious Pokemon" which has Meowth and Mijumaru absored in it's cuteness, by just a glance. They both try to frantically to attract Choroneko, to get it to care somehow, in a battle to appeal. Choroneko tells them that "Its friend is trapped in a cave." and asks them for help.

    With dento's fear of Choroneko in the old days, tells them to not trust the Choronkeo. However, Satoshi and Meowth and Mijumaru and Iris believe Choroneko, and decided to go into the cave to help Choroneko! ? "

    Team Rocket's VA's are listed too.

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