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I randomly skipped from the last dub episode to watch BW44, because the dub has started to annoy me again. I actually found this episode enjoyable (don't know about the rest of this arc) which is surprising as I've found BW to be pretty dull so far. Bianca was pretty amusing in this episode, and I'm surprised how much I can actually tolerate her when she has a decent voice (I haven't heard her Japanese voice before).

- OK- the rival theme is pretty cool. I know it's played in the dub, but you could barely hear it
- I like that there's dramatic music just for Dento showing them the food XD
- The ferris wheel looks absolutely amazing. But then, perhaps it's just that it's refreshing to not see a forest/generic city landscape in Pokemon o.O
- Dento does "it's tasting time" so much better than the French girl :P
- Does Iris's Exadril know Earthquake? Why isn't it using it? o.O
- lol, I like that Best Wishes instrumental starts playing, making you think Pikachu would win XD
- I'm glad Iris won. She is supposed to be the last gym leader, after all (even if she isn't in the anime)
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