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    Originally Posted by Pokepoke1222 View Post
    Aww... The new screens seem kinda... Crappy no offense. I was really liking the classic 4th gen format. But anyways, good luck with the project!

    P.S. Your front page introduction post looks kinda messed up, either that, or my browser has a few issues.
    I agree about the old graphics. They look a lot better, and I don't think a game has to update its graphics each time a new generation comes out with a new look. My guess that if you keep developing this game, you'll still be developing it when 6 generation.
    Oh and since some people were mentiong this earlier in the thread, there won't be a 3rd game. The next main pokemon games will be the remakes of Ruby and Saphire. Just to add on a little more, it was announced that the generation 5 Pokemon episodes for the anime will be a lot shorter, which helps confirms the fact that they're skipping the 3rd game (that and like some1 said, gamefreak themselves said they were'nt going to do the 3rd game of b/w).