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    Originally Posted by RedFan View Post
    You're kinda forcing me to rate your map xD

    Review:Laso nuothign much to say :D execpt... for the downer ledge, it has no use, and i see what you tried to do with it :D but it has space beneath it and the little tree doesnt fit in :D

    My map

    Name: Nameless City
    Game: FireRed Nameless Hack
    Credits: Gamefreak


    It's not a bad map, I think (:
    Something about the melange of smaller and larger trees near the middle just seems a bit too much for me. But that might just be me.

    However, the building that connects the towns/cities to the routes on the right, seems strangely out of perspective compared to everything else.
    Perhaps it's the sizing.

    The rocks in the water on the left are making a diagonal line and it's slightly annoying me xD
    But overall, I like

    Anyway, here's my first map I made in years:
    Fire Red ROM
    Hoenn Rombase
    Credit to NzFury and Alucus (:

    Name of Town: Salika Town