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Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
- Yerrr a kid!
- Duwott?
- Duwott's voice is good, Servine, not so much
- I love when they move their fists up it makes a swooshing noise
- Hehe, I like Ash being sort of semi-smart by looking up Umbreon. I suppose I mean by thaat him remembering a random Pokemon.
- Hehe, using Meowth as bait like old times
- Who's That Pokemon is back...?
- When thw Pokedex talks about Tepig, I realised how weird its voice is
- Why is it that the anime writers pick on the fire starters? o.O Charmander, Chimchar, Tepig...
- Wow, they're really trying to make Unova isolated from the other regions...
- Huh? Why is Meowth any less rare than an Umbreaon in Unova? The people there go crazy after Pikachui
- WHY would Giovanni want that Pikachu?? o.O
- So why didn't you know the Pokemon was Tepig, Don?
- Why does James randomly have a wine glass in the motto? XD
- Tepig *also* chooses Ash? D:

Friggen love all the BGM being kept <3
Oh, Dewott's voice in English is Lisa Ortiz (she also voices Oshawott).

I actually watched this episode online. This is why I know some of the plot.
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