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Originally Posted by Pokemon Game Fan View Post
I want to restart my Fire-Red, but I am having difficulties picking out a decent team to play through the game with. I only have two in my mind so far:

Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venasaur (there are no good grass types in the game besides him, so yeah)

Lapras from Silph Co. (powerful water type)

Arcanine (can catch Growlithe to the right of Celadon AND buy the Fire Stone in Celadon for when Growlithe reaches level 41 and learns his last move!)

I just need three more to add to them, I was hoping for a Psychic type and maybe a Dark type or a Ghost? I wanted Haunter and Kadabra but they might be weak since I can't evolve them further, I might just go with them, either way can anyone help with three more suggestions?
haha your three pokemon are in my real proper Pokemon teamm.. well the other three maybe Dragonite/Pidgeot might helps.. then Hypno/Espeon... then Sandslash/Snorlax.. idk.. back to your choice..


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