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    Here is some new stuff about the game

    Gyms Leaders:

    Name of Gym leader, type of gym, appearance

    Crystal, Rock Gym Girl Long Red Hair, Seargent Uni

    Vulcan, Fire Gym Boy Hawaii Surfer Clothes, Red Surfer Hair

    Kidan, Dark Gym Boy Black Suit, Red Undershirt, Black Hair

    Claudia, Flying Gym Girl Aviator Outfit, Short-ish brown hair

    Treethan, Grass Gym Boy Green Tee shirt, Brown Pants, Green Hair

    Siren, Water Gym Boy Deep Sea Fisherman, short brown hair

    Sifu, Fighting Gym Boy Older Karate Guy (so with wrinkles)

    Sparky, Electric Gym Girl, Young and looks like a trainer


    Eelectra Electric/Water Eel

    Firdat Fire/Dark Bat Kidan's Signature pokemon (rare-ish)

    Spark Electric/Water Shark

    Kidan's Story:

    As a kid he loved the stories of the legendary pokemon vs. trainers. Later, when that ended, he wanted it back. (3rd Gym)
    Then after you fight him, he joins Team Dusk and after you earn your 5th gym badge you fight him again but now he is a Team Dusk Grunt. Then after you recieve your 8th gym badge he fights you as Team Dusk's Top Executive. Then he reveals his total plan, to catch the legendary pokemon of Team Dusk and become the most powerful trainer in the world. Now the player must stop him and the Team Dusk legendary pokemon.