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I hope it's the right place.

I'm interested in buying flash cartridge for my old Game Boy advance SP

What cartridge should i buy?
I want it to support all the games, and so I can copy games from the computer to the GBASP.

IMPORTANT - I want it to support ALL Pokemon games, and the in-game clock!! (I think it called real time clock)
I dont want to play pokemon in my SP and to see "internal battery run dry.. clock based events will not ocuur. (or something like that)

please direct me to a website where I can order it from.

BTW, I've heard about the Ez flash iv, but I saw it doesn't support RTC..(?)
I suppose that if there is no cart with RTC, I should buy the Ez flash IV which is the best?
and last thing. Does the cart make problem with saves? I mean, does it support all save types (Flash 64K, 128K, EEPROM, and all the stuff)?

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