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Well, FINALLY, I get to have some time to update this thing. So... Let's keep playing! But before we do...

I never had this in the previous episode. I went home and checked what mom says. Apparently she likes standing on people.

Anyways... Back to the topic at hand.

Guixiang City and the Puzzling Puzzles!

I am going to open this LP with a tribute to Youngster Joey.

You callin' me an elf foo? I think not.

This never gets old.

I just won. What.

So I am a thief if I take others' monsters. Ok.

Wait... Where is my $5?

Why does everyone think I am an elf substitute? *facepalm*

Do you have a license to use that stuff? It does look like weed and you can go to jail by mistake. :U

So bug catchers are rockets? This game makes absolutely no sense.

Just keep walking.... Just keep walking... Just keep walking, walking, walking...

O. M. G. This actually makes sense.

This never gets old either.

So I have to face Heyaduo? Hehe he has a funny name. Hey ya do.

Must be a sign identification number (SIN).


Stoopid pushy nurses. I can't believe I have to put up with this.

We'll get back here later.

RELIC. Well, that kinda makes sense.

What? God? *prays*

This room is far from empty, dude. OPEN YOUR EYES!

So this has to do with tumulus and pyramids? Those both sound safe. Oh yeah. [/sarcasm]

Now we're in Libya studying relics? What happened to Guixiang City?

The people here have been here for 10 years? Laame.

Thank you. It is rather small.

That kinda makes sense. There are pictures of monsters drawn a remote time ago on that wall over there? GOT IT.

Aren't you not supposed to do that? Won't it break? You'll loose your job. :o

Ok... That will help... I think?

Ok. I don't need another word from you. You might loose your job as I said.

Ok. That looks... Bizarre.

So I did this? 10 years of mysteries solved! Let's pack up and go back to Guixiang City.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? I don't like ladders as of now.

Eew. Creepy pervert ladder.

No engrish in sight. Phew.

Drumroll, please.

I did it.

Oh shi--...

As if.

Oh dear god.

Well, Annan makes sense. It's it's romanized Japanese name, after all.

After some exploring, I left RELIC.

Aah! Where!

No. Why do you ask?

Well, you go do exercises. And you use common sense, please. No one seems to have any.


...To R36.

Thank you?

Your twig wouldn't break? Oh boo hoo. Cry me a river.

You have anger management issues, dude.

Eeew. That sounds dirty. kthxbai


Now, where shall I go next?


Or here?

You choose!