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    Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha View Post
    In an hour, it's going to be tomorrow. =P

    It's okay, because I can probably defend myself from you trying to kill me with my baseball bat. It doesn't hurt that I'm a black belt.
    Blackbelt... *O* Dun hurt me please...

    Ah hell.... I'm bored.... ROLEPLAY SAMPLE! Cause I'm bored...


    Chapter 0.5: The Beginning... with Memories amidst...

    Ssssssss... Squeak. Squeak. The turning of knobs echoed before the water from the spout above the shower stopped. The shower curtains slid onto one side of the wall as a hand pushed it there. Reaching for the nearby white towel that sat above a pile of other colored towels in a basket, the ebony haired woman wrapped herself in the white towel and walked out of the bathroom. A few paces took her to a dimly lit room lit only by partial moonlight from the bedroom windows. Flipping the switch just next to the bedroom door, bright illuminating lights now overpowered the moonlight. The ebony haired woman walked over towards her closet as she begins rummaging through her clothing to find something to wear when a small plush toy bounced off her head and landed a few inches from her feet. Rin faced the white and black panda plush toy and began staring intently at it. A few moments pass before she grabbed it, hugging it closely to herself.

    "C-Cute..." Rin whispered to herself before she hid it once more in a cardboard box above her closet. She didn't want anyone to know she had such things in her room and thus Rin has resorted to hiding them due to the fact that she has a small collection of plush toys. (More like hundreds 8D) Rin continued searching through her clothing and brought out a black sleeveless shirt and a blue cutoff jeans along with her undergarments. Rin slipped on her insert color black panties and black bra before she threw on the shirt and pants. Using the towel, Rin softly rubbed her hair in between her hands to dry them off. The shower had refreshed her after her arduous training battle with her sister, Karin. Although Karin is half a feet smaller than Rin, Karin was still very much more powerful than Rin and Rin still strives to surpass her elder sister.

    A small thump bounced off the walls when Rin fell backwards onto her white sheet covered bed. Despite the shower and her exhaustive state, her eyes didn't want to close as if trying to say stay up. Staring up at the solid white ceiling above her, small thoughts began to swirl about in Rin's head. How to defeat her sister, how to better herself, her sister's demon-like nature in battle but extremely loose and carefree nature outside of battle, many things bothered Rin.

    After silently contemplating for a few minutes, Rin tried again to fall asleep as she closed her eyes once more. Suddenly, an awkward feeling engulfed her. Right as Rin began opening her eyes, a soft but increasingly bright light entered her eyes and to her surprise, she was staring up into the bright blue sky just under the sun. Shielding the light with her right hand, Rin saw that the sun began to grow smaller as if she was falling.... It suddenly hit her. Rin turned around and saw that she was plummeting towards some kind of ocean and that she WAS actually falling. Trying not to panic, Rin began to brace herself from the impact of the water, which at her falling speed would be able to knock the wind out of her, and she also noticed a few other silhouettes falling with her although she was unable to make out what they looked like because Rin was too focused on impacting the water than some random people.

    PSSSSSSHHHH! The muted noise came out as Rin and the other silhouettes hit the water and suddenly a different feeling washed over her. It didn't hurt for some reason. Rin noticed that she could not remember anything not even her surname, save for her given name, Rin. It was as if the water washed away her memories leaving no trace of the many moments of her previous life to that point. Still recovering from the shock, her slow descent down the ocean struck her senses causing Rin to swim up to the surface as she tried to hold her breath the longest she could. The glimmering sun's rays passing through the water could be seen as Rin closed in on the threshold between water and air.

    Bursting through the barrier, Rin reached the surface in seconds and gasped for the invisible but refreshing air. She took a few moments to settle herself as she floated in the water and took note of her surroundings. There was a beach nearby, where it wasn't before, which seemed to be a part of an island or was it a continent, Rin did not know but only that there was land. Rin began pacing herself as she swam towards the beach and after a few minutes of swimming and resting, Rin found herself on the soft and sandy beach where she laid on her back from near exhaustion from the swimming. The beating sun aided in drying her drenched clothing while the beach was surprisingly warm instead of hot at the touch of her bare feet and small cries could be heard from the seagulls nearby. The waves of water rushed up the sloped beach before receding back to their maker and a distinct salty smell hung in the air. As Rin turned her head sideways, boxes or rather chests, were closely bunched near each other a couple of meters away from where she was, feeding her suspicions; however, they seemed to call to her. After a moments rest, Rin still didn't see any of the other people come out from the ocean yet, and decided to check out the chests as she made her way across the beach.

    Rin's walk brought her to a cluster of nine chests of different colors as well as names engraved onto the chests and a note sitting next to the names. Rin wondered how the notes haven't flown off the chest yet but she disregarded the thought and continued observing them. One specific chest caught her eye because it held her name, K- Rin. Her surname had faded somehow and could not be made out. Rin's insert color chest drew her in with its aura causing her hand to unconsciously touch the chests surface, and a small click came from the chest unlocking it the moment Rin's hand touched it. Intrigued but also cautious, Rin took hold of the note before she opened the container. Within its contents, an assortment of equipment laid ranging from a silver gauntlet, a half forearm length, alloy plated, fingerless black glove, a pair of black boots with a pair of black ankle-high socks laying atop them, a black belt, and a small but decorative box. Rin thought to herself why all the stuff was black but shrugged it off since she liked black. The small box caught Rin's attention next. Rin reached in and brought the box out of the chest before opening it. Three items laid within which strikes at her faded memory: a silver wristwatch hiding the letters K to R behind it, a hairclip with an azure phoenix on it, and a golden locket with a picture of Rin and...

    "....Who.... is that..." Rin intently stared at the picture containing her and another girl shorter than herself with a grin on her face. A flash from her mind showed brief images of that girl smiling at Rin, a cold glare as she was doing battle with Rin, a face full of food looking back at Rin, and even a playful taunting face as she held a white and black panda toy in front of Rin. The memories faded as quickly as they came leaving Rin with more questions than answers. A name began to take form as Rin tried once more to pry into her forgotten memories.

    "K-Karin..." Rin's voice unconsciously murmured. A breeze swept by rustling the folded note within Rin's hand asking to be opened and read. Rin placed the box back into the chest and flipped the note. She began to read the words imprinted on it.

    Young Warriors,

    You have been chosen here to bring peace to the land. The Clans here are on the verge of war. A war on magic. The South (where you are) is allied with the east, and wish to allow magic users to co-exist. The north and west, however, think magic will destroy the human race.

    I have chosen you because of your skills. I believe that you will be able to complete the task I am about to bestow upon you. I want you to prevent this war. However, if it is too late, as I fear, I ask that you instead, end the war as quick as possible.

    In return for completing this task, I will return your memories, and return you to your home.


    "Huh.... Magic?" Rin looked at the note blankly and the illegible smudging where a name was suppose to be. "Warriors.... so I'm not the only one..." Rin looked at the other chests and then back to wear she had fallen. 'Maybe they WILL survive...' Rin thought to herself.

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