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    Originally Posted by MasterLink742 View Post
    Um. Cy. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to drop out.
    Reason: You post made my writing skills look inferior. And we cannot have that.
    Oh yeah... forgot to mention... that was ONLY a sample. Ahahahahahaa.... just kidding. I do better on my samples just cause I can work everything out in my head. Things get more complicated when interactions are to be made. :/

    Originally Posted by IDoLikeMudkip View Post
    I will now speak words leading to my death. This is actually my first RP...ever. I mean even like pencil and paper. I have player live Video game RPGs but never anything that needed a character to be created and be thinking like that char 24/7 when IC. So I kinda tied my hands and any help would be kinda hot. Seriously if I'm not doing well tell me, help me grow, and I will forever love you...
    O.O That was weird even for me.

    But seriously feedback good. And if you got the quote I hid you get a bonus cookie.
    I already has a cookie! D:ll Hm... Well there's always a starting point for everyone. If you read my earlier post I did, then that's the basic gist of role-playing forum style. If you need help, we can always talk in here about improvements and what not. Truth is, being in character isn't that hard at all except just keeping true to that person's personality which can be difficult when you have multiple RPs *points at self* OTZ Being exposed to different RPs can really help in developing a good variety of context you can input into your writing. It all comes with experience after all. Now if you aren't much of a writer, things might take a little time to grasp, grammer-wise.

    Personally, I just free-write everything down and then edit it afterwards. I have to admit, watching 'Finding Forrester' is really rubbing off on me. xD
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