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    Freakin' A! double ninja'd ._. I quit. I'm never posting again.

    First off, Dern distractions. I got sucked back into FMA for close to an hour.

    Second. I'm from the south. I don't have an accent or anything, but anything like "dern" is meant to use a southern accent. I mean redneck, not hick.

    Third. The first post to start it off is not something that I am going to just be like "ya, you gotta do this. and stuff." No I'm gonna put in some thought to it.

    Ninth Fourth. After a little bit, I am gonna see how people do, then pick someone to help me in the invent of a random depression, or too much school work. I will PM you asking if you want to do it, so it isn't forced or anything.

    Fifth. I forgot to add this to the sign up, but the entrance fee requires you to give all your cookies to me, and since you have already signed up...

    Maybe expecting was not the right word, or was taken the wrong way. I meant that based on your SUs, I am thinking you are gonna be pretty good.

    PM/VM me if you want to chat.
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