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Originally Posted by MasterLink742 View Post
Teh truths are spoken. I'm re watching the brotherhood series, to prolong it before I watch the last few episodes.

Not so much plot help. More like keeping things moving.


I was just trying to clear it up for people who weren't you. I dun like you
Gud! Cause I smell! Even I don't like myself! O:

I didn't really like the brotherhood series... things were... a bit awkward. Like how... Envy... yeah. No spoiling for you. :3 Anyways... keep up the work. Time to go finish writing my fanfic. xDDD
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Guess that anime!
Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Boy is heartbroken and mulls around until BAM, he turns into seksay winged bishounen who catches the attention of girl but falls for girl's twin sister who falls for boy who falls for HER and-

Confusing? Betcha.