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    Originally Posted by cruciFICTION View Post
    First, your title screen graphics have been lifted directly from the opening cinematic and title screen of FireRed. There's nothing against that, sure, but it's kinda obvious is all.

    Second, the uhh... Rainbow Lugia? Riiiight. And seven elements? It bothers me enough when people make Light and Dark elements, but Space? Really? If you look at different cultures, the elements are usually air, water, earth, and fire. Sometimes wood, sometimes metal, very rarely light.

    On a final note, the dialogue you've shown isn't exactly the best - it definitely needs to be looked over - and I'm confused as to what's going on in that first blue screen.
    The title screen shall be change, over time. As I believe I said this at first wa just me messing round with Rpg maker 2003

    I thought Rainbow Lugia sounded alright :/
    And in thought of seven elements I had in mind of having seven different temples one in each place of said elements.
    water = Lake
    Fire = Volcano
    Grass = Forest
    Light = Some holy place
    Dark = Some abandoned Place
    Space = in space.

    And except from space I was trying to make them more or less like pokémon types Light being psychic.

    I admit my dialogue is not the best. D:
    And the Gengar in the picture is owned by Morgus. Morgus being the guy who has created corruption it's only natural he feed it to his pokémon. After being given corruption the pokémon learn a move called corruption. That's the move being shown. (I failed to screenshot it right).

    That's bout it I guess :L
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