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    Originally Posted by /art-56/ View Post
    I made back sprites for to this hack:
    Awesome backsprites art-56 =3! I'll insert them a.s.a.p when I return to Holland of corse with credits!

    Originally Posted by Rayce View Post
    Well that count pokemon glitch it very important because it's the only way to get to the gym.
    See I have 5 pokemon in my team:

    But I still get the message:

    Before you said:

    This is the only way through. I was able to only because I used a walk through walls cheat.
    There must be a minor script glitch here, but it's very important to fix next time you get a chance because you will get many complaints wondering what to do because they can't get through
    I've took it serious and added in the main bugs/glitches list! It seems indeed like a minor script mistake, I'll release a HOTFIX as soon I return. This will contain the following:
    - Super nerd Gary magnamite overpowered fix
    - News stand fix
    - Count POKéMON fix
    - Remove time based event Purity Forest that stairs appear between 5pm and 6pm

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    dang iv hadnt checked this site in dys & u just amazed me tht the hack is out ^^. il be playing it 2mor & will report any bugs tht havnt been said yet :D. thnks 4 the great work tht u but in 4 yrs. & if theres anything u need help with il be glad 2 help ^^. u :rock:
    Thanks qaz =3!

    Originally Posted by katrin2oo9 View Post
    How to bring the leader of Purity Forest as it is not there a guy on the train gymy says there Combee
    wait 'till 5pm or 6pm and re-enter the map! Now a stair at the main road will appear! Before you go be sure you don't have less or more then 2 POKéMON in your team!

    Originally Posted by Osher99 View Post
    Where the meteor decetor is located?
    I won't tell, try asking the people at Atlernion City they will help you! =3