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Garden (Aggron)
Meadow (Camerupt)
Pasture (Swampert)
Orchard (Ludicolo)
Field (Swellow)
Park (Manectric)

I restarted Emerald, so I can't give you any other information, like levels, etc.

First time (I restarted Sapphire too)

Lake (Hariyama)
Sea (Linoone)
Strait (Manectric)
River (Crobat)
Ocean (Swampert)

Marble (Cradily) lvl 43
Granite (Sharpedo) lvl 42
Graphite (Exploud) lvl 42
Apatite (Masquerain) lvl 42
Quartz (Blaziken) lvl 42
Swablu (HM Slave with Fly, I'm going to replace him with a Beldum once I get one).

I like recurring themes with my nicknames, hence the grass thing in Emerald, water in Sapphire, and minerals/rocks.
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